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About us
 Seth and Nathan,Thats us S&N Livestock.
 Some of you knew us as Dreamland Acres. Since the sale of the dairy herd we have now
moved forward with our new club calf operations. I have always had it in me, it just took 
some things to happen in my life to bring it out. I started several years ago as an AI tech in my area. With being able to work with some great people and great cattle I had to try it myself. So, we did and thats how we became S&N Livestock. 
 The chickens are gone for now, we lost a barn and 700 birds to a fire. Also we added to our operations Poultry and Game Bird supplies, it seems to be growing daily with sales all over the world thanks to our ebay store (S&N Livestock) and our new auction site www.thepoultrybarn.com

Seth at 3 years old
County fair time "Dad its time to feed".
Seth and Nathan= S&N Livestock
Making mom Happy
S&N Livestock
Nathan and Seth Vogel
700 Decatur Pike
Winchester,Ohio 45697
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