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New in 2011
Seth and I bought a flock of 28 ewes looking to turn a quick dollar...Needless to say he has the fever!!! The ewes stayed.!.!
Made a stop at Joe Bramers
and the boy buys 3 nice bred Southdown ewes... New fever started!!!
  Seth is now addicted bought 3 more bred Southdown ewes from Flowers Southdowns
out of Texas...
Seth and I went back to Joes and bought 5 more ewes that we think are Top Notch...This boy has put together a super nice starter flock! Thanks to Joe Bramer
  We just purchased are first ram
  from Sedalia, MO from Maddox
      June and July of 2014
  We  purchased a Nice yearling ewe from Junge, TX and a really nice ewe lamb from Bowers, IN... 
Oct. 2014
Seth got the call...He was selected for the
"Ewes for Youth" 
Excited young boy!