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Raising High Quality Show Cattle while providing an extensive AI and Embryo Service with focusing on nutrition and over all health.

About Us

We here at S&N Livestock are Raising High Quality Show Cattle that we have sold all across the United States with cattle winning at all levels. We also have provided over 23 years of AI and Embryo services working with well over 200 local farms. Our semen  tanks are always full of today’s leading sires. 2022 will be the first calf crop out of the purebred Shorthorn bull ¨Perfect Timing¨ we raised and retained 1/3 semen interest in call us anytime for more details!

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What Customers Are Saying

¨I’ve never given a product review before but I just have to share my experience using the All Gaurd 5 in 1 bolus I purchased from S&N Livestock. AABG Gigilo Joe, our herd sire at Firefly Farm Boer Goats, was not getting around so good last breeding season. He even fell a few times while breeding does. He’s a 2011 model and big goats don’t always age well. Our vet said he had arthritis and aching tendons. In April we gave Joe the 5 in 1 bolus, actually for unrelated parasite and skin issues we were having. This short video of him coming in with his does says it all! I can NOT believe the difference from earlier this spring. He’s like a new creature and the only change was the bolus! I’m beyond pleased with the improved joint and connective tissue health! Not to mention the better hide and parasite control! Thanks S&N Livestock for making this product available in the US!¨ Debbie


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