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Cobalt 12 Guard High


COBALT 12 GUARD HIGH is a continuous slow release chelated Cobalt pellet combining Copper, Iodine, Selenium and Multi Vitamins for Ewes pre tupping and for thrive and growth in lambs. Available without Copper.

Pack Size: 250
Category:Growth & Thrive
For Use With:Lambs

Additional information

Copper Option

With Copper, Without Copper


COBALT 12 GUARD HIGH is a novel micro bolus for thrive and growth in lambs. Can be used from 4 weeks of age and at weaning time for up to 8 weeks cover.
Also available without Copper.

Trace element per Bolus:
Iodine 37.8mg
Cobalt 35.6mg
Copper 20.1mg
Selenium 1.1mg
Also includes Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin E.

Continuous Trace Element release
Simple to administer
Multi Trace Element, Vitamin and Amino Acid Combination
Contains Copper, Iodine and Selenium & Multi Vitamins

Ewes 2 Pellets
Lambs 1 Pellet (Use from 4 weeks of age)

Each pack contains a rubber dosing applicator. Simply slide over the nozzle of a standard automatic dosing gun. Place pellet in opposite end of attachment. As the Ewe or Lamb is dosed (water or wormer) the liquid will force the pellet out simultaneously.
See how easy it is to administer by viewing the video demonstration.

Can also be administered with a Balling Gun supplied by Mayo Healthcare.


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